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Connecticut Nursing Schools

Connecticut has very similar qualifications for becoming a Registered Nurse as most other states. After graduating from nursing school their online training program..

Connecticut Qualifications

Connecticut has very similar qualifications for becoming a Registered Nurse as most other states. After graduating from their training program and passing the NCLEX, nurse students must apply for a license with the state board. In order to register for the NCLEX, an applicant must prove that they have completed a degree (either a baccalaureate or associate degree) by submitting an official transcript from a school or university. Other accepted nurse training programs will need an accredited certificate with date of completion for their training program or other forms of verification to make sure the program is approved by the state and provides appropriate training. There is a $90 application fee for a license under the Connecticut Nurses’ Association, and another $200 fee for registering for the NCLEX through the private test-provider, Pearson VUE.

Top Nursing Schools and ProgramsNursing Schools Connecticut

Fairfield University:

Fairfield University has had consistently impressively numbers on their annual NCLEX pass rates, maintaining an average above 90% for the past few years. Located in Fairfield, the private university’s graduating class of students had a 97% pass rate on the 2012 examination.

Quinnipiac University:

As a small, private school offering both classroom and online courses, Quinnipiac has one of the most successful programs in the state. Last year’s graduating class of students achieved a pass rate of 100%, though there were different numbers across the diverse nurse programs, with the advanced programs having a lower pass rate.

Southern Connecticut State University:

Located in New Haven, the Southern Connecticut State University has a nursing program that ranks among the top programs in the state. Their last class of nurse students accomplished a passing rate of 93% on the NCLEX.

University of Connecticut:

The University of Connecticut has a main campus located in Storrs-Mansfield, Connecticut. As one of the biggest nursing schools in the state, the nursing program at UConn has a lower passing rate due to the higher number of students enrolled in their courses. Last year, the graduating class of nurse students scored a 92% passing rate on the NCLEX exam.

Yale University:

Yale is widely-known for its prestigious academics and achievements as an institution of higher learning. The Ivy-League institution is located in New Haven. Its nursing school offers advanced degrees and masters programs, with a passing rate of 98% on the NCLEX exam for first-time test-takers.


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